Welcome to my enviroed4all website.

I  am looking forward to sharing my environmental world with you!

In 2011,  I began this website with some webpages which shared activities and ideas for the first UNDB year and the IY Forests in 2011 and the preceeding year IYBiodiversity.  It was the extension of the two earlier websites I had made, with links below. I aim to add to this enviroed4all website, through each year of the UNDB.

In 2013, there are two International Years that UNDB can be linked with for environmental education: Mathematics of Planet Earth 
and the International Year of Statistics.
So please keep coming back to see how my MPE section grows!

Shape Sleuths is for using the Mathematical concept of shape for exploring Nature- eg leaves, creatures, water and land.

This website now has pages which can be used for teaching and learning on these topics:

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