2023 – Millets and Dialogue as a Guarantee for Peace.

IYM2023_H_Col_EN (3)The 2023 International Year of Millet (IYM) aimed “to raise awareness of the multiple benefits of millets, from nutrition and health to environmental sustainability and economic development.

My articles in support of this year began with the first part of the slogan ‘Rich in Heritage’, continued on to the second part ‘Full of Potential’ and went into action in the third “Let’s grow Millet’.

The fourth article for 2023 was on the IY of Dialogue as a Guarantee for Peace, at a time when the Russian-Ukraine War continued and Hamas’ attack on Israel had led to Israel’s invasion of Gaza to attack Hama.  These articles provided background resources for educators and activities for learners, with many web links for support.

Rich In Heritage (issue 175) This first article for the IYM began with looking at what ‘slogans’ are, followed by what millets are and an indication of their great diversity.  To fit the first part of the IYM slogan, there were a couple of examples of the heritage of such plants through traditional uses and growers.

IYM2headerFull Of Potential (issue 176) The second article for the IYM began with looking at the key word ‘potential’ in the slogan.  Introducing Pearl Millet, teff  and fonio, ideas for exploring the potential of millets for health, Australian agriculture and recipes were given, and thus their link to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

IYM2headermilletLets Grow Millets (issue 177) The third article for the IYM was a call to action – growing your own Millet, as a planning exercise and learning in Science.  Potential Australian sources of seed and web sources of advice for planting and growing millet to sprout or as a seed to be harvested were given.

Peace Talk (issue 178) The fourth article for 2023 was on the IY Dialogue as a Guarantee of Peace. It provided ideas to explore this concept through literacy, the Arts, History, Geography and interpersonal relationships.

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