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This page has answers to the questions asked about the photos of the different features of a Black Box tree:

  • trunks – no questions
  • bark
  • blossum
  • fruit(gumnuts)
  • leaves


Heavily fissured (cracked) bark of a mature Black Box tree

  • 1 The cracks are often wider than adult thumb width.
  • 2 The fibres mostly go up and down the trunk, so that the bark can wrap around the trunk.
  • 3 The colour of this bark close up is greys and browny greys.


Blossom of the Black Box tree

  • 4 The Black Box blossom is white with yellow dots on the end of the stamens,, sitting in a lime green cup. ( But sometimes pink flowers also develop!)
  • 5 The Black Box cup is a cup shape.
  • 6 The nectar that the birds and insects come for is in the base of the cup.


Last season’s fruit (gumnuts) of the Black Box

  • 7 The Black Box fruit is tiny, cup or goblet shaped and a dark brown colour.
  • 8 The cup remains on the fruit. (The cap came off  to let the blossom come out.)



Black Box leaf, with 50c piece for scale

  • 9  The Black Box leaf is an olive green, with a long narrow spear- like shape and a curved tip at the end.
  • 10 The Black Box leaf has a noticeable lime green main vein.



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