Insects are all around us on our farm, and part of our biodiversity. Are they good or bad? How do they fare around our place in the changing of the seasons?

Bees photo of bees creating a pool to drink from– What about bees in an excessively hot summer? Now that the Wimmera -Mallee channel system has gone, there is virtually no surface water. What do our bees do? Look for whatever water is around and get a drink in the twilight.

CaterpillarsSparshall's Moth caterpillarNot always easy to find, but sometimes appear for a few hours – like this one, with very hairy body, hard head and spike.  This caterpillar of  Sparshall’s Moth (Trichiocercus sparshalli) was crawling upside down on our verhandah ceiling during a very windy late Winter day.

This page will continue to be added to as I have heaps of photos of different insects just needing time to confirm identifications – so please check it out from time to time.

latest update Sept 3 2016

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