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pH, salinity and the trees in the Lower Wimmera


The aim of this website is provide great environmental educational ideas to inspire you. In 2011, my focus was on trees for the International Year of Forests, but the information and activities continue to be useful beyond that.

 ‘pH, salinity and the trees of the Lower Wimmera‘  was a unique environmental education project that I developed in 2011 as part of this. It linked six small Lower Wimmera schools, for a study that linked National Science Week  in August to National Water Week in October.  The activities involved these schools and other members of the community and contributed to the 2011 International Years of Forests and of Chemistry.  The results of these activities (values, photos and data) went into their six communities in three ways: local papers, the local shows and the Perth Zoo IYF Global Forest website.  It now follows in three parts
*  the tree photos and their value statements linked to the Perth Zoo Global Forests Photo Album
*   the local research phase as part of National Science Week
*   the regional sharing phase as part of National Water Week.

This project would not have been possible without the support of a number of organisations for funding towards its costs:
*   Science Teachers Association of Victoria – National Science Week grants to five of the small schools for participation in the NSW event – local phase
*    Hindmarsh Shire Council – Events Grant towards costs of providing the Trees part of NSW project to the community at three local shows – regional phase
*    Wimmera Catchment Management Authority – towards the costs of providing the NWW regional phase to five of the small schoolsThanks to everyone who contributed to making this project sucn an inspiring experience, especially for my first enviroed4all project
*   Each of the other five Primary schools ( Beulah, Jeparit, St Marys Warracknabeal, St Josephs Hopetoun, St Peters Lutheran Dimboola) – for their enthusiastic participation in this project and for funds towards transport costs
*    Yappeet Primary School – for their participation through their year long Environmental Science program with Jeanie Clark

Thanks to all of you who contributed to making this project such an inspiring experience, especially for my first enviroed4all project.


PS if you would like to read about this project in a media release form this is it ph-salinity-and-trees-REPORT

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