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Book name

Who Goes Moo? a Lift- the-flap book

Author David Bennett Books Ltd
Illustrator Sam Williams
Thumbs up! I love the use of sound to go with the illustrations.
Main theme Farm animals sounds, heads and bodies.
Living things in this book pig, cat, cow, dog, sheep, duck, horse, hen
things to talk about in the illustrations
  • {     sound matches to the animals
  • {     Characteristics of living things
    •  {   Heads
      • { Colours
      • { Shapes
      • { Ears
      • { Mouths
      • { Noses
      • { Whiskers, manes, combs, horns
      • { And notice the facial expressions for fun!
  • {   Bodies
    • { Colours
    • { Shapes
    • { Body covering
    • {Tails
    • {Number of legs (4= mammals, 2= birds)
    • { Relative sizes (not shown)
  • {     links into the environment
    • {   how people use these animals
things to notice in the text
  • letters
  • words
Now to observe
  • {     Go outside, into your garden or into a park or even a zoo, to listen for what animal sounds are around you and try to identify them
  • {     Observe carefully the head features of animals that you have around you – and then the body features.
And to record
  • {     Make drawings/photos of the heads of, and whole bodies, of animals that your child knows to play matching games
  • {     Add cards for the sounds and names and make your own version of this book for the living things around you – you might want to include your child with a favourite word/noise your child says!
More about this book:
Science notes
Publisher Koala Book Company, Redfern, NSW (Australian Edition)
Year 1996
ISBN 0-86461-006-4
Publisher’s suggested age The Koala Toddler Library

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