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Did you know that 2011 was the International Year of the Forests? or that Perth Zoo was collating a Global Forests photo album for it?

At small schools in the Lower Wimmera you would have,  as I have run a project there focussing on exploring our trees, especially at the nearest water place to five small schools, and their discussing their values. This was part of   National Science Week activities and partly funded by the Science Teachers Association of Victoria and the schools.

Four more photos and values were added from another small school, the Wotjobaluk nation represented by a traditional owner and a group of friends, making nine Lower Wimmera photos to contribute to the Global Forests photo album.

You can see them directly at :
Photo 117 = Beulah P.S. at the Yarriambiack Creek, Beulah
Photo 118 = St Joseph’s P. S. at Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun
Photo 120 = Yaapeet P. S. in the school yard, Yaapeet
Photo 121 = St Peter’s L. S. at the Wimmera  River, Dimboola
Photo 122 = St Mary’s P. S. at the Yarriambiack Creek, Warracknabeal
Photo 124 = Jeparit P. S. at a Wimmera River billabong, Jeparit.
Photo 127 = Wotjobaluk Traditional Owner at the Wimmera River, Horsham
Photo 128 = Friends at the Yarriambiack Creek, Kewell North.

Put together, these photos made  display of the ‘Trees of the lower Wimmera catchment’, which I took back into their communities at their five local shows.

Display at Dimboola Show October 2011 “Trees in the Lower Wimmera” – putting together and sharing all the photos and values of local native trees from the participants in my International Year of Forests 2011 project.

Taking this display to the local shows at Rainbow, Dimboola, and Jeparit was partly funded by a Hindmarsh Shire Council’s Event Grant.


This focus on trees was one part of the “pH, salinity and the trees of the Lower Wimmera” project.   The next phase, was led into by the displays at shows, and was the regional phase during National Water Week .

PS if you would like to read about this project in a media release form, this is it ph-salinity-and-trees-REPORT

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