photo of  2 grades of barleyphoto of lupinsfeed oatsphoto of 3 grades of wheatThis page provides an introduction to the broad-acre crops that are grown on Wimmera farms and links to more details about them.  It has been designed for you to think about what you know and are reading, but if you would prefer the answers, look for the links to them.  This section is being built.

Great Grains NSWk2

In 2014,  I ran a  series of events  in Yarriambiack Shire  for National Science Week  “Celebrating our Great Grains “.   
You might like to try this on-line AGG quiz is about a seed bank in Horsham- answer sheet will come after National Science Week! 

What broad-acre crops are grown in the Wimmera?
Ten Crops currently commonly grown in this region are:
barley  Barley  
Canola  Canola
chick peas   Chick Peas / Garbanzos
faba beans  Faba Beans

field peas   Field Peas
lentils   Lentils
lupins   Lupins
oats   Oats 
vetch   Vetch
wheat   Wheat

They come from three crop groups :  cereals, legumes and oils.
Their seeds  fit into three food groups :  grains, oilseeds and  pulses.
How they came to be bred is on the plant breeding page in the sustainability section.

Do you know how to match these crops to these groups and their Scientific names?
These questions and the answers are on this 558kb pdf Wimmera Crops to feed the World

logo AIAF 20142014 is the International Year of Family Farming, with the theme Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth .

On  you will find some examples of Wimmera-Mallee broad-acre farms, with the crops they grow to feed the world, and ways they contribute to caring for the Earth:

Photo of Barley harvest Bangerang Primary Production Bangerang

ready for shearing Food for us and the World, Batchica

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