‘Bush’ books

Bush Animal Books

The theme for this group of our books is native animals and bush life. It links to the 2011-2020 United Nations Decade of Biodiverstiy, with its slogan “living in harmony with nature”.

I have included anything that is not domesticated, but could be found in Australia. Quite often creatures in this group can also be found on farms – especially in the remnant native vegetation parts of farms.

This list comes from our bookshelf, going from the simplest to more complex books. Each link is to a review about the book with some ideas for using it to explore science.

For each book, take time to explore the illustrations and implications for getting to know the nature that it holds.  Don’t restrict yourself to reading a book only once, or fully each time, or in exactly the same way each time.  Take note of what works best with your child and repeat that!  Enjoy the richness of these bush-based books below and then move to the  farm books!

Move on to my picture book reviews for farm books

or move on to more farm books –  in dropbox links (need to be downloaded to work) –  from the JPS MARC resources or from WRLC farm books

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