Environmental Education series in Otherways magazine

This page contains links to my environmental education articles written quarterly since 2010 for the Otherways magazine, published by the Home Education Network in Victoria. Underlying  them , I am inspired by, and a supporter of, the UN Decade of Biodiversity’s theme “Living in harmony with Nature”

My environmental education activities and resources have been aligned to each year’s special events since 2010. The series of articles is below by year. One of my aims in this series has been to provide access  to quality information about biodiversity and other environmental issues, ways to understand it and get involved in it to people who are isolated for one reason or another.

I live on a farm in the Wimmera, Victoria. I home educated my son for 13 years, and he’s now finished university by on-line  study.  So I have a real interest in people who are more isolated than city folk.  As an environmental educator, I can offer activities for people to use and adapt. This enviroed4all website aims to do that. I  have been writing a series of articles on environmental education for the Victorian Home Education Network’s magazine, Otherways, * since 2010. This library contains mostly my Otherways series of articles on environmental education, with its focus on Biodiversity and sustainability. You can go directly to the articles below or see a summary on the main page for each year below.

2017 – the International Year (IY) of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Tourism is big business and the UNESCO IYSTD aimed to focus on how tourism, how it can impact on recipient places and how we as tourists could contribute better to improving these places and their peoples.  These articles  for ‘Otherways’ were written to introduce the IYSTD  by putting ‘tourism’ into the new F-10 Victorian curriculum, the Australian Curriculum priority for Sustainability Education, and  introducing the new 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, while exploring where we Australians may travel locally through to globally, as different types of tourists, and what behaviours we could adopt.  :

  • Tourism- More than you imagine  Otherways magazine, Feb 2017, issue 151, pp 24-25
  • Our World of Tourism, Otherways magazine May 2017, issue 152, pp 28-29
  • Sustainability in Tourism? Otherways magazine, August 2017, issue 153, pp 29-30
  • Development and Tourism ,  Otherways magazine, October 2017, issue 154, pp 26-27

LOGO_IYP_en_print-horizontal2016 – the International Year (IY) of Pulses.

Living in the Wimmera, I am located in a major Pulse growing region, and currently developing a school education program for this, part of which will be shared in the Otherways series of articles this year.  What are pulses? That’s where I start, linking it with thinking and learning skills:

As the last two years are now Decades, ie of Soils and of Familly Farming , the website Soil Selfies and Family Farming Snapshots  projects continue also.


2015 – the International Year (IY) of Soils.

Being part of a family farm, an environmental educator and a Geographer, the theme for this IY Soils Healthy soils for a healthy life  is very important, so I  created special projects Soil Selfies, and Snooping into Soils for it and a third enviroed4all(R) website Soils . I hope you will look at that too.  The environmental education articles all focussed on soils:

logo AIAF+10 ENG simpleweb

2014 – IY of Family Farming; IY of Small Island Developing States

Being part of a family farm and an environmental educator the theme Feeding the world , caring for the Earth for this IY Family Farming is especially relevant to me, so I have created special projects for it and a second website family farms . I hope you will look at that too.  Small Island Developing States does not get much media, so I started with it for these articles in 2014 and added in the IYFamily farming later in the year.

With the centenary of the first departure of troops for the Great War, I also provided History/maths/geogrpraphy/ ICT  activities on the ships, men and horses  and research on-line under “The First Fleet of ANZEF of November 1914″ and “Finding ANZEF faces” in Otherways magazine (issue 142) pp 21-22 and on this webpage at  ANZEF departure


2013  Maths of Planet Earth; IYof Statistics; IY of Water Cooperation 

It is also the year that Victorian schools introduced the Australian Curriculum as AusVELS. National Science Week took for its focus Australian Science Discoveries of the last century.

There is lots to communicate! I began with a focus on the curriculum changes and then moved into activities for the  Maths of Planet Earth, linking the other events in with it as the year  progressed. 

2012  United Nations Decade of Biodiversity,  Australian Year of the Farmer; National Year of Reading

I began with a focus on the UNDB and then added both the national years to this.

ATT00008 iYF logo and address2011   IY of Forests; IY of Chemistry.

This was both the  I continued the series of articles on Biodiversity activities, firstly with a focus on Forests and then combining Forests and Chemistry.

2010  IY of Biodiversity (2010) 

had the themeBiodiversity is life, Biodiversity is our life’. My articles were to encourage observations and caring for living things from experiences in gardens locally.  The articles were:

 * Thankyou to Sue Wight and the Editorial team of Otherways for making this series possible. The Home Education Network is a volunteer organisation, as are the contributions its website http://www.home-ed.vic.edu.au. and articles in its magazine Otherways.  To find Otherways on the web, go to the website and look for back issues under the ‘Resources’ tab with back issues. Copies of Otherways can be purchased online.

for more articles on biodiversity activities, go to  4learning or to the main Biodiversity on farms page

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