2021 Fruits and Vegetables and the Creative Economy

IYFVlogoThe 2021 International Year of Fruit and Vegetables (IYFV) aimed to raise global awareness of the importance of these two food groups for health and for improving their production systems.  The first three articles focussed on this with definitions and health benefits, the apple as an example of a food system and its issues, and consumption by the seasons and sourcing local produce for sustainability.

IYCESD2021logoThe fourth article then flowed on to the IY of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development (IYFSESD) and was written for educators to think about, while most of my articles are focussed on providing resources and activities for educators to use with learners.

Hyperlinks to the (on-line) resources used are at the end of each article.

GreenPepperP1000855Stiruf and Begetslave (issue 167) This first article for the IYFV provided suggestions for web-based educational activities to support the four aims and six messages of this IYFV.  It began with an introduction to the five food groups, then definitions of food and vegetables, and ways to categorize their features, before moving onto some health benefits and suggesting that ways for students to share the information they may have discovered with others.

Apples as Food System (issue 168) In this second IYFV article, the focus was on the food systemourapplesP1020670 using apples as an example, which could be applied to other foods.  The article suggested ideas and freely accessible web resources for learning about the apples food system, not just in Victoria, Australia, but from other parts of the world too. It involved defining a food system, terms involved in its parts and diagrams of that, the concept of ‘food miles’ and growing regions, and different varieties, harvests and storage and processing … and what can be done with waste from these.

OfColoursandSeasonsIYFV3Otherways169Aug2021JClark (issue 169) The third IYFV article had a focus on different ways to represent information aboupumpkint the colours and seasons of fruits and vegetables, in varying levels of difficulty, using artwork, logos, tables and pie charts. It used the IYFV logo as a jigsaw puzzle activity and then suggested using that logo to explore what it conveys, especially the five colour groups of fruit and vegetables. The health and sustainability values of seasonal eating of local foods were covered, with examples from Victoria, Australia, the USA and UK.

waterbugs ValuingCreativityIYCESDOtherways170Nov2021JClark   (issue 170) This fourth 2021 article focused on creativity to recognise the IYCESD.  It covered definitions of creativity, its place in educational curriculums, and in an economy like Australia’s and Indonesia’s.  It concluded that sadly this IY seemed to have been negatively Covid impacted, but educators could still bring it to the fore in the future for the future.

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