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This page had two sections in it to cover the meanings of

  • Black Box and
  • Eucalyptus largiflorens

The answers to the questions in each group are below:


"Black Box"

Mature Black Box tree – note fenceline for guide to size.

Common Name ‘Black Box’


  • 1 These trees often look have a dark, almost black, trunk from a distance. Close-up, the trunk can range from white, through greys to black in the deep fissures (cracks in the bark)



Heavily fissured (cracked) bark of a mature Black Box tree


‘Box’ refers to a group of trees with bark that has these common features:

  • 2 The bark looks like rough and tough, with fibres at the edges of the pieces that make it up.
  • 3 It is has a rough feel to it.
  • 4 The bark comes off in small matted bits of fibre.


Scientific Name Eucalyptus largiflorens


Black Box Blossom and opening bud


Eucalyptus refers to trees that have gumnuts. They have three main parts: caps, cups and blossom.

  • 5 The cap is just starting to split open to let the blossom come out of the cup underneath.
  • 6 The open blossom is a flower that sits in a cup, and is made up of many stamen with anthers at their ends. This is three main parts.
                • 7 There are about 50 stamen on these flowers.
                • 8 The anthers look like tiny yellow dots on the ends of the stamen.

Leaves and blossom of a Black Box tree


  • 9 There is a huge number of flowers on the tree. Hence the name largi (abundant) florens (flowers) .


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