read4Nature at the WRLC branches

About 50 community members and a dozen librarians were involved in the read4Nature workshops and  most of them helped lead small groups of children for National Science Week events at their library branches, which involved about 100 children.

It may not sound a lot to people from big towns, but our small rural town branch libraries were mostly full to overflowing for these events!

Who came for the training?

Picture book lovers,  natural science enthusiasts,grandparents, parents, childcare workers, teachers, joined workshops in their towns. So delighted to have 2 men in amongst the women! You will find their nameson the jpgs of the book resource sheets they created in the r4N lists.

When were the WRLC workshops and National Science Week events held?

St Arnaud  WorkshopWed 25 July  1.30-3             National Science Week event on 22 Aug
Dimboola  Workshop Thurs 26 July  1.45 –3.15  National Science Week event on 9 Aug
Edenhope  Workshop Fri 27 July 11-12.30            National Science Week event on 10 Aug
Horsham   Workshop Mon 30 July  2-3.30           National Science Week event on 20 Aug
Nhill           Workshop Thurs 2 Aug  2-3.30            National Science Week event on 16 Aug
Warracknabeal Workshop Fri 3 Aug  2-3.30        National Science Week event on 17 Aug
Stawell        Workshop Tues 7  Aug  1.30 –3          National Science Week event on 21 Aug
Birchip         Workshop Mon 6  Aug  3.30 – 5         National Science Week event on 13 August

It was a pretty busy time on the road and in the libraries, with absolutely wonderful people!
Thank you librarians and participants!

What did we do?

  1. workshops –  making of  book resource sheets and planning for small groups of children for National Science Week events-
  2. and the National Science Week events- an exciting time for children in small groups with readings and activities led by workshop participants.

Following this community phase, the Read4Nature resource files were created:

  1. a hard copy folder specific to each library branch and its books – on the shelved in each library
  2. a digital collation for all books from all eight branches here


There were reports written for each branch and for each session which were sent to participants and local papers. Many were printed in the Wimmera’s local papers. These are some examples to media on line or the reports in dropbox.

workshop flier Nhill here

general promo article Weekly Advertiser here

workshop promo article in Dimboola Courier    here

workshops article in Wimmera Mail Times here  and report at Warracknabeal  workshop here  and Horsham  here and from Edenhope Library as facebook link

National Science Week event in the Birchip P12 School Newsletter  here  and in Dimboola Courier  here  and at St Arnaud here

Stawell workshop and National Science Week event photos on WRLC facebook here

WRLC August newsletter articles here

Summary flier:   read4nature for all WRLC  branches
and FAQ’ s read4nature info sheet

Move onto the WRLC lists here.

“This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in partnership with  Jeanie Clark, enviroed4all, and the Wimmera Regional Library Corporation.”
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