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Book name Waddle Giggle Gargle!
Author/ Illustrator Pamela Allen
Thumbs up! One of my favourite books! A very short story, with a caring creative solution to a common magpie problem. A great example of “Living in Harmony with nature” (the UNDB slogan)
Main  theme Co-existing with magpies (wildlife).
Living things in this book Magpies
things to talk about in the illustrations
  • {     Characteristics of magpies
    • {   Colour of adults and young
    • {   Body shape
    • {   Speckles on the eggs
    • {   behaviours to protect its young
  • {     links into the environment
    • {   nest in the fork of tree
    • {   the magpies gum tree is the only one in the street
    • {   the part of the tree magpies use
  • {     other aspects in the environment
    • {   the difference in the shape of the native (gum) and introduced (garden) trees
    • { the evidence for changes in what would have been bush at this place (town and hills) in the past.
things to notice in the text
  • {     Characteristics of magpies
    • {     song
    • {     spring time for nesting and laying eggs
    • {     behaviours to protect its young
  • {     people choose to do things that care for the magpies young too
    • {   Big eye shapes
    • {   Noises
    • {   Head protection
Now to observe
  • {     Look for native and introduced trees around you and
    • { how they differ by shapes and colours
    • { how many native ones are left for native creatures locally
  • {     What birds live around you?
    • {     How do they behave?
And to record
  • {     Make your own magpie protection bike helmet
More about this book:
Science notes At the front.  Very brief note about their colour, song and protective behaviours.
Publisher Puffin Books, Penguin Books, Ringwood.
Year 1996
ISBN 0 14 055991 4
Publisher’s suggested age Juvenile fiction


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