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Book name On the Farm – A Flip-the Flap Book
Author Richard Powell
Illustrator Steve Cox
Thumbs up! Lovely reality coloured drawings in an ‘I spy” puzzle format.Most focus on animal tail clues and its name’s first sound.
Main theme (Farm) animalsBiodiversity link – lots of animals live together on a farm.
Living things in this book Farm animals: horse, sheep, goat, cow, pig, ducksFarm pest animals: mouseNative animals on farm: owl, spiderSome plants: bulrush, dandelion, wheat, grass, flowering bush
Things to talk about in the illustrations
  • {     Characteristics of these living things
    • {   Tail colour and shape
    • {   Body colour, shape and parts
    • {   Head parts and shapes
    • {   Food
  • {     links into the environment
    • {   Living things are plants and creatures
    • {   grass for the sheep and horses
    • {   dandelions flowers in the pig illustration are weeds
    • {   milk can in the cow illustration
    • {   bite out of the hat in the goat illustration
    • {   eggs being taken from the nest by the farmer
    • {   shelter for the ducks in the bullrush (Cumbungi = Australian native plant) beside the water
    • {   wheat plant symbol on kitten clue page linking it to the wheat on the mouse clue page
  • {     other aspects
    • {   Notice what each animal’s eyes are looking at!
things to notice in the text
Now to observe
  • {     Visit a farm to get to know animals up close
  • {     Visit a supermarket – look for wheat and cow illustrations on food packaging and what is inside these packages.
And to record
  • {     Identify the living things as plants or creatures
  • {     Identify which creatures have 2 (bird), 4 (mammal) and 8 (spider) legs.
  • {     Draw pictures to show food eaten by living thing (we eat).
  • {     Make your own matching pictures for tails and living things found at your place.
More about this book:
Science notes
Publisher Treehouse Children’s Books Ltd. Glastonbury, UKAustralian Edition by Koala Books, Mascot, NSW. 2000
Year 1993
ISBN 0-86461-300-8
Publisher’s suggested age

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