Welcome to my enviroed4all website (and its linked ‘child’  family farms).

I  am looking forward to sharing my environmental world with you, through activities, photos and resources!

I began this website in 2011 with some webpages which shared activities and ideas for the first UNDB year and the IY Forests in 2011 and the preceeding year IYBiodiversity.  It was the extension of the two earlier websites I had made, with links below.

I aim to add to this enviroed4all website, through each year of the UNDB, as a partner to the UNDB and contributor to IY’s and NY’s that support this.  

This website now has pages which can be used for teaching and learning on these topics:

  •  In 2016, my main focus was on the IY Pulses, which can be found in Pulses section of this website.
  • In 2015, my main focus was on the IY Soils, and for this I added a third website, aimed to create a website for a project called ‘Soil Selfies‘ – the diversity of soil and what it does.
  • In 2014, my main focus was on the IY  Family Farming, and for this I added a second website, aimed to create a website about the diversity of family farming, which I will continue to grow.
  • For 2014’s National Science Week’s theme of food science, I added the Plant Breeding and Crops sections
  • In 2013, for the Mathematics of Planet Earth,  the main section I added was the Shape Sleuths . It provided Mathematical concepts of shape for exploring Nature- eg leaves, creatures, water and land.
  • National Science Week was celebrating Australian Science in 2013, and for this I added the section on 20th C Australian Farming Inventions.
  • Read4Nature with 3 lists and info about picture books are good for learning about Nature from the images –  mine, Wimmera Library users and Jeparit Primary School, linked to the 2012 National Year of Reading and the 2012 Australian Year of the Farmer.
  • two photo based sections  for learning about our Biodiversity in parts of the Wimmera, were linked to the 2010 IY of Biodiversity and then 2011 IY of Forests and IY of Chemistry
  • a photo challenge to identify a plant – weed and name it
  • a photo investigation of “What’s Biodiversity?” using a farm and a forest, with answers.
  • some ‘how to’ teaching activities for working with Science and farming
  • using drawing for recording Science
  • finding Science in picture story books
  • recognising features of books that show their Science reliability
  • discovering terms:

    So please visit my earlier pages above and keep coming back as new pages are added here!

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