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Book name Counting Sheep
Author/ Illustrator Gwenda Turner
Thumbs up! Delightful, realistic drawings of sheep, lambs and smiling children.Lamb and ewe stickers to add to each page
Main theme Sheep and lambs in a paddock.
Living things in this book Sheep, grass, children
things to talk about in the illustrations
  • {     Characteristics of sheep
    • {   Colour of adults and young
    • {   Body and head shapes
    • {   Difference in colour and texture of sheep and lamb wool
    • {   Different size lamb’s feeding positions under the ewe
    • {   Pink tongues
    • {     links into the environment
    • {   grass in paddock = food
    • {   heads down to graze grass
  • {     other aspects in the environment
    • {   bottle feeding of (orphan) lambs
    • {   trees in background are shelter belts against wind
    • {   different types of fences
things to notice in the text
  • {     different ways of showing numbers
    • {   Word
    • {   Numeral
    • {   Fingers
    • {   stickers of sheep and lambs
Now to observe
  • {     visit a show and spend some time in the sheep and lamb pavillion
  • {     visit a butcher to find the meat that comes from sheep and lambs in many different cuts
  • {     visit a floor-covering shop to find woollen carpets
  • {     try some sheep milk cheeses
and record
  • {     use wool to make (glued-down) animal pictures by using (and noticing its flexibility and strength)
    • {   a long piece around the outline
    • {   and cut pieces over the body
More about this book:
Science notes
Publisher Puffin Books (NZ) Ltd , Albany, NZ
Year 2000
ISBN 0-14-056782-8
Publisher’s suggested age

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